ÖHMI bleach® -
Get to grips with costs and quality

The worldwide patented bleach® process achieves savings of approximately 40%. This technology can also be integrated into existing systems. US Patent 5,753,103


40 % reduction

  • bleaching earth
  • silica gel
  • activated carbon
  • filter cake
  • oil losses 
  • handling of bleaching earth and
  • filter cake

Improved oil quality!


The basic principle is as simple as effective:

In the first stage, or pre-bleaching, unbleached oil is blended with once- used bleaching earth.  In consequence there is a 75% initial reduction of the undesirable accompanying substances. In the second stage, or main bleaching, pre-bleached oil is blended with fresh bleaching earth.


Our references:

Ajinomoto, Japan • Bunge, Poland • Palmaju, Malaysia

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ÖHMI bleach®
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